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Slow Burn - This is a mindful, slower paced heated class, which includes holding the poses for a longer time.  Practicing the postures, breathing exercises and meditation makes you healthier in body, mind and spirit. The slower pace and longer holds of postures allows you tune in, focus on breath, fine tune alignment, and sweat -- all at the same time. Props will be used when needed.  This is an ideal class for those new to yoga, as well as the experienced student who wishes to fine tune their practice.  No experience is required. Students must be at least 13 years old to take a heated class.

Hot Power Flow - Get ready to sweat in this vinyasa-style class designed to focus on building strength and energy in the body. The heated room and quick flows will get the body warmed up; expect sun salutations, balancing, twists and power flows that end in restorative poses and a well-deserved savasana. This is a breath-focused class, and the instructor will guide students to work on their breathing techniques throughout the poses. Props will be offered as needed. This is an intermediate-level class, but all are welcome to attend. Students must be at least 13 years old to take a heated class.


Playful Flow - This is a class that is open to all levels of yogi. The instructor will offer a creative and safe way to get into all of the poses.  Some of the poses may challenge you but this class is never too serious.  May include breath work, laughter, jumping, tennis ball massage and props of all kinds.


Flow and Grounding - A dynamic Vinyasa flow which joins physical postures (asanas), with the breath, creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice. This class is designed to cultivate heat in the body with creative sequences involving sun salutations, standing and seated postures, back bending, arm balancing and a strong focus of the power of breath awareness. The class will end with restorative postures and mediation, which will settle the mind and body.

Reset and Refresh - This mindfully paced class, which includes practicing and holding the postures, exploring pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation, will allow you to reset your body, mind, and spirit. The pace and longer holds of postures will enable you to tune in, focus on breath, fine-tune alignment while building strength. Props will be used when needed. This is an ideal class for those new to yoga, as well as the experienced student who wishes to fine-tune their practice. No experience is required.

Deep Stretch - Stretch for Strength....Yoga poses that strengthen the wrists, arms, legs, and spine.

Stretch for Flexibility....Yoga poses that increase blood flow to muscles increasing oxygen levels.

Stretch for Stress....Yoga poses to soften spots that tend to cling to stress and tension.

Stretch for Balance...Yoga poses to strengthen quads...strong quads help the body maintain balance and prevent falls and injuries.


Beginners Yoga - This class is designed for beginners and anyone who wants to learn the foundations of a safe yoga practice.  Students can expect to learn proper alignment of the poses as well as variations for their unique body structure and shape.  This class will be taught at a slower pace but still mindfully increasing flexibility, balance, and strength.

PreNatal Yoga or Earth Mamma - Just as Mother Earth needs our love and attention so do Moms to be. Take care of yourself and your developing baby with prenatal yoga. Yoga can support and ease the discomfort of your body’s transition through the phases of pregnancy. Some of the many benefits include: Helps relieve sciatica, soothes lower back pain, helps train you to breathe deeply and stay calm when you need it the most - during labor, birth, and motherhood. Join us in a positive, supportive environment, which will keep you motivated to continue to move your body. Surround yourself with others that are experiencing the same sensations, this class allows for individual focus on what is occurring at your stage of pregnancy.


Yin - A gentle yet intense, deeply meditative practice of holding postures for an extended period of time. Yin yoga is amazing for opening up our hearts and providing a space for the body to soften and become still.  Yin poses are designed to release fascia, improve joint mobility and increase flexibility. Students will learn to sit still and recognize thoughts and patterns in their own mind and bodies.

Gentle Yoga – This class is open to all ages and all levels. Our Gentle practice moves slowly and mindfully. The instructor will choose a group of muscles to focus on and students with learn how to strengthen and lengthen those muscles. Props (supports) of all kinds are welcome in this class; chairs, walls, blocks and lots of blankets. Tennis ball massage is common in this class. One restorative pose is taught each week. Sun salutations and downward-facing dog will not be found in this practice.

Chair Yoga - Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available. This class is accessible for every body, no previous yoga experience is necessary. You can enjoy the many benefits of yoga without having to get up or down from the floor. Those benefits include increased balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and stress reduction. Ground your mind and body starting with a seated warm up, slowly moving with 20 to 30 minutes of gentle standing yoga postures using the chair for support and balance, and it will end with a seated cool down and relaxation. 

Nurturing Namaste - This practice is slow paced, open to all levels and offers modifications. Start your week by honoring yourself and showing gratitude for all that you are. No judgements and no exceptions, allow yourself to be free. Take this time for you; nurture your mind, body and spirit. Relax your body and mind with slow conscious movements and self-love meditations. open your heart, calm your mind, and begin your week with gratitude.


Mindful Morning Flow - Be kind to yourself as you meet your body where it is without judgment. Nurture yourself in this flow-based class where postures (asanas) are practiced with an emphasis on coordinating breath with movement, strengthening the core, promoting flexibility, and improving balance. Basic postures and breathing techniques make up the flow with attention to alignment and mindfulness. All levels of yogis welcome!

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