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Full Moon Yin Yoga on the Beach


Willow Conolly has been teaching Yin Yoga on Navarre Beach since 2016. The Full Moon Yin practice has always been one that is open to all levels, all ages and all open minded people.

Our next class will be Friday, June 21 at 7:30 pm

Willow will bring Crystal singing bowls for this class.

Bring a few beach towels, a long sleeve shirt or jacket and a pair of socks if you get cold easily. This class is a donation-based class. Please bring cash. 

We are collecting for the "Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge".

We will meet on the most eastern side of the main parking lot, next to the small pavilion. See the picture below if you would like to have a landmark to find.
If you have questions call or text Willow at 850-217-8966.

yin on the beacn april 2.jpeg

Sit back and enjoy

Settle into the sand and allow the sound of the ocean to calm your body and mind. 

Yin poses are held for 3-5 minutes. This practice is open to all levels, even folks who have never done yoga!

Navarre Beach

This is where we will meet. As you come over Navarre bridge just go forward when you reach the light. This is located at the main beach, in the most eastern part of that parking lot, near the public restroom.

yin on the beach august.jpeg
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