The ElemenTree Yoga team is comprised of qualified yoga instructors who are ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Everyone at our studio believes in establishing a safe and mindful yoga practice. We want to teach you how to keep your energy balanced.  We’re looking forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.



Co-owner of ElemenTree Yoga and register pre-natal yoga instructor

I started my yoga journey in 2004. As a stay at home mom of two toddlers, I decided to try a yoga class simply as a way to get out of the house and talk to adults, little did I know that decision would change my life.  The first class I attended, I could not hold a downward-facing dog without my arms trembling, but instead of feeling discouraged, I felt exhilarated.  For that one hour, I was not a mom, wife, or boss; I was just me.  This sense of returning to self is what I strive to create for each student taking my class.  Yoga is a practice; it is not mastering a pose perfectly; therefore, I want to empower my students to create a meaningful individual experience by providing a safe space to explore their yoga practice.



Willow fell in love with yoga in 2007 when she got out of the military and became a stay at home mom.  She discovered that it gave her the strength and the patience to nurture herself and her children throughout each day. The practice of Yoga has taught Willow how to slow down, sit still (this was quite the challenge) listen to her body and go with the flow. She makes ALL students feel welcome and comfortable in the playful classes that she teaches. Willow taught yoga for 7 years at Navarre Living Yoga and she is now excited to be a Co-Owner of ElemenTree Yoga Studio.

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Nancy discovered yoga after she retired from the Air Force.  She began her yoga journey in Navarre in 2007.  After completing her 200 hour teacher training in 2014, she began teaching at Navarre Living Yoga.  In 2017 she completed a 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Surya Chandra Healing School of Yoga and is Yoga Alliance 500-Hour RYT certified. She is also a certified Accessible Yoga teacher. She enjoys scuba diving, and while traveling the world to enjoy this passion, she finds time to visit yoga studios in many different countries.  Nancy believes the mental and physical balance of a yoga practice can benefit all ages and abilities.



I discovered physical fitness, as self-care, during a period in my life where I was overwhelmed; between children, a home, a husband and a job, it was imperative I found time for myself.  Going to the gym, taking various fitness classes, helped me to be the best me.  I took my first yoga class in 2000, in a small classroom above the base library at Ramstein AB, Germany.  The class introduced me to a new ‘work-out’, and a curiosity for the practice. 
We moved to our beautiful beach town in 2003 and I continued on my self-care journey.  I started taking classes at a little studio, Navarre Living Yoga.  Fast forward to meeting a teacher that was transformative in my yoga journey.  As a new teacher, she invited me into her world of body and spirit exploration through yoga, and this moved me to begin a daily yoga practice and pursue teacher certification.
I received my initial training at Navarre Living Yoga, obtaining my 200 RYT, in 2016. I earned my advanced certification, completing my 500 RYT Certification, at Dragonfly Yoga in 2021.  I’m also certified in Aerial Yoga and Yin Yoga.  I’ve been very fortunate to learn from the pillars of our yoga community to include Willow Conolly, Tara Taylor, Laura Tyree, Melissa Shalongo and Moira Anderson.
Let me assist you in your yoga journey and introduce you to our yoga community.

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I am also a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant.

My yoga journey began 10 years ago. I stumbled upon a yoga class for a college credit. Instantly I fell in love.


Throughout the years, I always find myself going back to my mat to find the answers about life and myself. It wasn’t until experiencing an illness, which taught me the true healing powers of yoga.

I have over 8 years of Occupational Therapy experience. My passion is helping individuals overcome injury, illness, pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.

My goal as a yoga instructor is to provide a unique experience each time you step on you’re mat. Learning lessons of body awareness, strength, stillness and gratitude.



Kellie- PhD, RYT 200-

I discovered yoga in 1998, when a friend suggested I try a class. I had been living with depression most of my life and was looking for something to assist in alleviating my depression symptoms. Once I tried yoga, I was hooked. I was immediately entranced by the effects of movement and breath. Yoga helped manage my depression through mediation and asana.

My goal as a yoga teacher is to create a joyous, creative, fun and spiritual practice where students can be curious, build strength on and off the mat, break down boundaries and start living more fully. I thrive on empowering others through yoga. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 at Navarre Living Yoga. I am excited to deepen my personal practice while guiding others in the wisdom and effects of this sacred practice.



Greetings, to the beautiful community of yoga! I have been so fortunate to practice a variety of yoga classes in Navarre for the past 25 years.  I began my practice in the 60's when neighbors founded the first Kripalu Yoga Ashram in Northern New York.  This began a lifetime of personal practice and classes in the oddest places around the world.  Since retiring, I completed a 200 hr YTT and have concentrated my teachings on meditation, yoga nidra and gentle postures. Yoga, completes the perfect balance between the mind and the body while focusing on the breath, the emphasis in my teaching classes.  It is a privilege to become part of ELEMENTREE... with my experiences I can share yoga practices and breathing techniques to help the busy mind relax and the body to obtain "stresslessness"!


Nikki started her yoga journey during a stressful semester at college in 2008. Since then she has been finding her way around new yoga communities as a military spouse traveling with her husband which has allowed her to start uncovering the deeper aspects of a yoga practice and way of living. She began a steady yoga practice in 2010 at Navarre Living Yoga with Willow Conolly and Natalie Davidson where she discovered the benefits and joys of a yin practice.

In the summer of 2018 she completed the 40 hour yin yoga certification with Divya Elting to further expand her yin practice. In 2019 she completed her 200 hour yoga certification with Stacey Vann at Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center. She is excited to share the benefits and her passion for developing a yin yoga practice.

Nikki is a Registered Dietitian and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). After three years of working with families and breastfeeding mothers she studied to become a Certified Lactation Counselor in 2015 before continuing on to complete the requirements to became an ICLC in 2017. Nikki has a deep passion for nutrition and educating others on the benefits of food as medicine and how to eat well for improved health and well being.



Amy lives in Navarre with her husband and two children. In 2016, she was homebound for serious immune problems. At the beginning of 2017 she started practicing yoga, and within 6 months she was no longer homebound and healthier than she had been in years!

She decided to take the last teacher training offered through Navarre Living Yoga, and now she brings her experiences with stress, trauma, and natural medicine to the mat to focus on inviting in courage, compassion, and connection.



My passions for philosophy, sociology, and world religions launched my interest in yoga in my late teens. As my life expanded into adulthood and transformed into one of a military spouse, attending college far from home, yoga was a hobby that provided exercise and social interaction in a kind and loving environment.

In 2005, after having my first child, I found myself drawn back to the mat, pulled particularly to the practices of Yin. There, the sacred roots of my practice were born.

Today, as a mother, wife, and mental health professional, I believe that the many tasks of modern life require nurture and balancing. The inner-work of yoga and it’s innate ability to strengthen the bridges between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies is a vital component of living a life in connection.

As a teacher, I strive to guide students in practices that help them uncover their own inner-wisdoms and enhance their abilities to not just cope with life but to thrive vibrantly within it.



Marcia started practicing yoga in 2010 when she discovered it was a great remedy to counteract the stress from her life as a single mother, business owner and leader. Through her practice, she learned how to work with her body instead of against it, finding emotional peace, mental well-being and a spiritual connection along the way. Marcia knew she wanted to deepen her practice and share her appreciation for yoga with others so she attended the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Elementree Yoga, completing the course in 2020.

She currently works as a Realtor, where she has served hundreds of families with the buying and selling process for over 17 years. She has also mentored dozens of newly licensed Realtors since 2010. Her drive to help and guide others is so fulfilling that she decided to turn her passion into a career. Marcia is thrilled to add
‘Certified Dharma Coach’ to her resume where she assists individuals discover their purpose and passion.

In Marcia’s class you can expect creative sequencing, a challenging physical practice, breathwork, meditation, and a safe place to connect, reflect and explore with others.



Renee began her body awareness and movement at a young age in the middle of a dance studio in her hometown of Iola Kansas.  After many years of discipline and commitment to the art of dance, she continues to keep body awareness, graceful movements at her center as she guides and leads those in her classes each week. 


Renee earned her 200hr YTT in the fall of 2020 through Element Tree Yoga Studio and plans to continue her focus and studies in prenatal and postnatal yoga.  She is also a certified placenta encapsulator serving the NWF area, and is a certified labor doula serving the Pensacola area.  Her focus clearly shows that she desires to support and serve women, helping them each to realize their potential and strengths whether it be yoga or meditation or labor coaching. 


Renee, her husband and their son, live in Navarre along with their two cats. 



Danielle McIntyre first started yoga in 2014 and has been going regularly ever since. She found yoga to give her a sense of peace and confidence and yoga became her primary method of self-care and physical exercise. Danielle completed her 200-hour training in 2021 in Pensacola. Danielle is a huge advocate for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life. As a yoga teacher, she would like to encourage people to strengthen their bodies, grow in their mind body-awareness, and cultivate more mindful ways of living.